Heroic Alysrazor Demo Lock Tank 150k DPS

Amíg vártok a 6/7 heroic bejelentő posztra, addig is itt hagyom ezt nektek az idő elütése érdekében:

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  1. bayi szerint:

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostwolf/Vakki/advanced ( asszem o az )

    Postjai forumbol amelyekben a kerdesekre valaszol:

    I came back from work now and checked all of your replys. Nice Nice It’s definitly a good feeling to see how much you guys like this That was my goal – to make people happy and i want admit that i was little drunken when i recorded the fight. But hey that’s a game and people should always do what brings most fun.

    To answer some question in this thread.

    Q: Is this viable in 25?
    A: I would try everytime!

    Q: Is there a Tank?
    A: Yes, Baszard tanks mostly the second wave, because there was no demon soul what means heavy dps loss. My first plan was to do it without any Tanks.

    Q: What was your dps peak?
    A: I haven’t uploaded the combatlog until now, but I will do later this week. The peak in dps is arround 1.1 – 1.2 mio dps.

    Q: Why don’t kill encounter and make rank 1 on world of logs?
    A: If you guys checked Alysrazor HC 10 you see I am #1 since few weeks. I felt no pressure and I believe strongly this game shouldn’t be arround numbers in an addon.

    Q: Does this makes any sense?
    A: Only personal fun and maybe some guildies have a smile when reading all of your comments – I strongly hope this.